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Matching you with the right opportunity in IT is what excites us. Generalist or specialist, payroll or freelance, we got you covered.

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At Prosper-IT we know what impact finding the right opportuniy can have on your professional and personal life.

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We focus on direct and transparent cooperation with our freelancers. Working in complete confidence is the basis for our future joint success. We aim to be a source of information and support for our entire network, not just those who work through us!

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Finding that opportunity that will take your career to the next level is something we are passionate about. We are always happy to make time for an exploratory chat, getting to know new candidates and learning about their professional ambitions.

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Talent Testimonials

This is what IT professionals have to say about us:
When Prosper-IT contacted me for a new opportunity, they really took the time to analyze my needs and expectations.

Different from other companies, Prosper-IT only proposed a next step when there is indeed a perfect match between both parties (employer looking for a new specialist versus IT talent looking for a new opportunity).

They did a perfect job by keeping me informed about the next steps and intermediate feedback.

So logically, we came to a solution that satisfied everyone.
ICT Specialist
Permanent postion candidate
I have been working with Prosper-IT for almost 2 years and I can only recommend it!

They have the right expertise and business acumen in order to make the good fit between the candidate and the mission.

What I really appreciate is that the recruitment process takes into account a strategic and comprehensive thinking which ultimately benefit both the candidate and the company looking for a specific expertise.
IT Project Manager / Analyst
Freelance consultant
At the end of last year, I had a very pleasant collaboration with Prosper-IT. What was characteristic of this cooperation was the human touch and personal guidance throughout the entire recruitment and selection process.

Tim was always available for a chat, especially after interviews with the employer and was always ready to answer any questions I still had. That was very encouraging.

As a result, within a few weeks, I landed my dream job as a CISO Officer. If Tim hadn't guided this process, it certainly wouldn't have happened.
CISO Officer
Permanent position candidate
One of the main things I appreciated while collaborating with Tim, is that he treats the partnership with interest throughout the entire process - not just the hiring phase.

He puts commitment to his work, so that you are happy with your job, and this helps in having an honest and rewarding relationship for both parties.

Thank you, Tim.
Senior Java Developer
Freelance consultant


You might still have a few questions we can help you out with. If you don't find them in these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), then please reach out!
Will I be on the Prosper-IT payroll as a candidate?
No, if you are introduced to one of our clients through us for a permanent hire, you will effectively end up on their payroll. This means that the client will discuss the terms of your contract and job description with you directly.

In case you would work as a freelancer, you will enter into an agreement with Prosper-IT. We guarantee timely payment and the best care during your ongoing contract, as well as support with contract extensions and potential rate discussions.
Do you work exclusively on certain job titles in IT?

We focus on IT vacancies but have a broad approach. In this way, we try to find a complete solution for our clients. This helps us build a profound and meaningful relationship with them on the one hand, and prevents us from sending unsolicited CVs to half of Belgium from a so-called expert role.

Does your intervention affect my future salary?

Prosper-IT operates based on a percentage of your gross annual salary. Therefore, we don't gain any advantage by providing you with colored information about your salary or recommending a lower wage to the client.

However, we do look for a financial scenario that remains workable for both the candidate and the client, taking into account the wishes and financial capabilities of our clients and yours.