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Freelance hiring

If you are looking for freelance staff to strengthen your team with specific expertise, then Prosper-IT is your partner with a broad network of candidates.

Payroll hiring

The search for new employees is daunting for many. The success of your department or company hinges on balancing experience, knowledge and personality.

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Our way of working

We aim to raise the standard of IT staffing solutions through transparent and reliable partnerships. Collaborations where we go beyond to deliver tailored value.


At Prosper-IT we take pride in solving difficult puzzles for our network of clients and professionals


We love continuously deepen our knowledge of the industry to create the best possible outcomes for everyone who wants to work with us.


IT recruiting is all about people, and the best collaborations come from a foundation of trust and understanding. It's what we value very highly at Prosper-IT.

Client testimonials

This is what our customers have to say about us:
We have been relying on the services of Prosper-IT for almost a year now to assist us in our search for candidates for permanent IT hires.

So far, thanks to their intervention, we have hired 4 new employees in various IT fields, which can certainly be called a success given the niche market!

Prosper-IT accurately assesses the needs of our company, and we greatly appreciate that quality always takes precedence over quantity.
HR Specialist
Governmental Organization
When I asked Prosper-IT for a hands-on project management profile, I received a relevant and to-the-point profiles in short order. I experienced the approach of Prosper-IT as well tailored to my company's purpose, no-nonsense, and not pushy.
IT Coordinator
Insurance Organization


You might still have a few questions we can help you out with. If you don't find them in these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), then please reach out!
Isn't hiring candidates externally expensive?

Initially, this question can be answered by the existing need for an external party. If your company can fill its vacant positions on its own, we are less necessary as a partner.

However, if you continue searching for a long time or are significantly distracted from your core business, this will, in the long run, lead to decreased service to your own clients and/or generate less income.

So, you can assume that the right hiring, through an external party, always pays for itself.

Additionally, Prosper-IT works on a no-cure no-pay basis, so as a client, you take no financial risk.

What does the no-cure no-pay principle mean?

As a client, you are guaranteed that you only have to pay for our services if we also find a solution for you. No advances or invoices for the search or the necessary hours spent interviewing potential candidates and presenting them. Only after an effective hire do we proceed to invoicing. This way, you as a client are never left with a sour taste and a bill for 'hot air'.